Monday, February 23, 2015

Some people are not meant to stay in your life forever. They are just passing by to teach you lessons and leave.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey virtual world and friends, long time no see..^^..i can see a lot of 'dusts' on my lil' bloggie..phewww..ok..the reason of my disappearance is my degree's life..yes..crazily extremely busy more than a bee..haha..but i've got an extra time today, because i'm in the mode of final year student..i need to go all over the net so, this is a chance for blog-updating aite..^^..basically, i'm on my way, doing my thesis and with God's will, i will be graduated as Bachelor Degree student this year..wuhuu..i can't wait..hope everything will be paid off..3 and 1/2 years, full of fun,crazy,sad,stress, and everything..i've learnt ALOT..haha..
so, talk about my current life, i'm fully-utilized my age, i've done all bad things back then (but i don't kill people or rob a bank,no) ^^, and now,'am changed..change to be a better ladyyy(oh yes) than yesterday, last month, last year..^^ and frankly speaking, i think, i'm ready to get married(ahaks), after i've finished my study..serious..everyday, i keep my wishes in my dua', hope that everything will be fine for me..i've done many sins before, like any other human being, but He is The Forgiver, i know He loves me, and that's the reason why He had tested me before..but, alhamdulillah..i've felt so grateful for having many good  friends all around me, they managed to open up my eyes about life, but they don't know they tend to do so..^^ ..i like to learn about things, silently..i will look at one person, learn how they went thru their daily life, what they are doing yesterday, what type of friends of them, what they love, what they hate..sounds like a stalker aite..haha..but, how i get to see all of these?..just by the Net..come on, this is 2015, just by one click, u'll get everything.^^, yeahh..i'm half-way changed..but, i think, once i get married, i'll totally changed..i've red one book where it said, in Islam, when u get married, u're already fulfilled half of ur responsibility in Islam, just got to clear the other half..see, Islam is very sweet and easy..^^
Talking about marriage..Allah knows better, who suits me, who not, just keep on praying..endless dua'..same goes to u, my reader..i pray for u too..^^..bye